Assist with Developing an Adventure Park in Northern Thailand

             Rock Climbing / Zip Lines / Rope Bridges / Infrastructure


student climbing guides

an Akha girl's first zip

In exchange for Room and Board, you'd be expected to toil about six hours per day on developing this beautiful natural site, and other nearby projects.  The resulting Park would be essentially, though not officially, non-profit, with parts open to the public for frolicking and picnics.

              The place is called Boomerang, because of its shape.  It sits alongside a paved road just one mile NW of the tourist town of Chiang Rai in northernmost Thailand, 70 minutes drive from the Burmese and Laotian borders.  It's a ten minute stroll to the large Mae Kok river, where there are other climbing crags (public).  The rock is limestone karst, and there are dozens of gnarly climbing areas of all skill levels, including some overhangs.  Roughly 70% of the rock is covered with weeds, so clearing is part of what's on offer.  Yet that's just one of several activities, so you have the option of choosing which type of work to focus on.

    In exchange for a room and food, you'd be expected to contribute five to six hours per day on developing this beautiful natural site, and other nearby projects.  The resulting Park would be essentially, though not officially, non-profit, with parts open to the public for frolicking and picnics.

 If you're energetic, self-motivated and enjoy working outdoors, then assisting with this project could be ideal for you.

one of many limestone crags,
this one 15 meters high

    Some of the types of rock embedded in these limestone karst cliffs are: crystals, iron ore, marble. Some of the smoother parts are pinkish and yellowish. The sharpest parts are at the uppermost heights. The majority of rock is shades of gray, though the gray is only about 0.2 of a mm thick. The rock underneath that very thin covering (oxidation or mildew?) is often composed small white tightly packed crystals. 


Room and board:   As with everything related to this project, there are options.  Main option is a comfy, bug-free room with kitchen facilities which includes bathroom with hw shower.  Another option is camping in style.  We don't yet have proper tents (we're working on our own design) but we do have screen tents and there are facilities nearby such as bathrooms, showers and kitchen.  Food is sometimes home cooked with small family and other times you can arrange/cook your own.  Also, every day or two we go out to a restaurant together, your meal is paid for by us. Vegetarian, no problem. 

Use of a bicycle is available to anyone, and possible use of motorbike, if available.  Internet access is being developed, though there are many internet cafes in town.  Also in town: numerous restaurants and many of the things foreign visitors enjoy.  There is a daily night bazaar downtown, as well as a particularly popular Saturday night event with hundreds of vendors and tons of food and live music.

Another project, 1 mile away:   A secluded five acre parcel called Rim Rock also in development.  Similar to Boomerang (mentioned above) - it's also nestled in a beautiful natural setting alongside a large rocky hill.  Rim Rock is a 7 minute scooter ride from Boomerang and two minutes from the river, and 12 minutes from downtown Chiang Rai.  It's a larger parcel and more secluded than Boomerang, and is destined to become a Meditation and Fasting Retreat.  Several facilities are being constructed, so there are options for volunteers, such as gardening, building, land clearing and more.  Both parcels have scant few neighbors and are in park-like settings.

Excursions:  Not all is toil and eating and developing new climbing crags and eating again.  We also skip off to do other fun things nearby.  Some examples:  waterfalls, bicycle treks, hiking, caving, swimming, frolicking, sing-alongs, .....and more. 

Below, the whole ball of wax, looking from the south (river is 10 minute walk behind where we're standing).  Halfway up these crags, you can see a wide expanse of landscape devoid of houses, with hills and broad river also visible.  Zip lines are planned to start from lower on right (east) side of this hill (white rock region), and get strung out about 160 meters to the left of where this shot was taken from.  As time goes by, added sections will have prickly weeds taken out, though trees, bushes and indigenous ornamentals will remain, particularly foliage that's is not directly impeding a climbing crag.



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