directions:  go NW out of Chiang Rai, cross the Mae Kok river on the Mae Fa Luang Bridge.
Go 1.5 Km up from the bridge, and take a left at Soi 5 (west, toward Buddha caves).  We're 2 Km on the right, as the road curves left. map to park

B O O M E R A N G                     

             Rock Climbing / Zip Lines / Frisbee Golf       

akha girl Prae after her first zip!




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painted hand prints on rock

Above, one of the many crags. This one soars up 17 meters (54 ft.) with some parts concave.

Pia's first zip. She's being groomed to be our photographer.

nearly the whole gang. From left: Bim, Nicky, Gan, Rod, Ken, Noi, Rit, Pia, Akan (with bandage on chin from motorbike spill).  Photo by Joe.

Seeking volunteers to assist with developing this adventure park

quirky books written by Ken

Music Workshops or Writers Workshops in Chiang Rai


.......hope 2 C U B4 2 long!