Chiang Rai Hill Park   ///    สวน เนินเขา เชียงราย

Located 3 Km west of Chiang Rai town, northernmost Thailand

The rocky hill is 1.3 Km long by roughly 240 meters wide. It sits along side the Mae Kok river.  Currently, there is a path along its south side (its riverside).  There are plans to extend the path along the hill's north side, between the hill and road 5 (soi ha).  If/when that northern path is built, there will then be a path circumventing the entire hill, about 2.7 Km.  It will be ideal for hiking, bicycling, jogging, but off limits to motorcycles.
fdsThe map shown at left is rather small (we'll get a bigger one posted soon).  The yellow region in the middle is the hill.  The solid red line is the path that's already there, along the hill's south side.  The dashed red line is the proposed path, along the north side, yet to be built.

Natural features already at the hill:   amazing limestone rock walls and boulders.  Though there is currently no climbing activity there, it could prove to be a mecca for rock climbers.  Similarly, anyone who enjoys scrambling over and around boulders will love the terrain.  There are at least four caves, with the possibility of others yet to be discovered.  Of the two largest caves, one has a long narrow entryway which opens into several large caverns.  Minimun two flashlights/torches are required to explore it, otherwise there's a risk of not being able to find one's way back to the entrance.  The other large cavern actually goes right through the hill, north to south or vice versa.  It is home to hundreds of insect-eating bats. 

Man-made features:   There is a Buddha Cave at the west end of the hill. As such, it gets daily visitors and has a parking area and small refreshment stand.

Most of the year, the hill is unoccupied by people.  The exception is Songkran, which is Thailand's biggest festival, and takes place during a week in April.  At that time semi-temporary structures go up on the south (river-facing) sice of the hill.  As expected, it's also a time of trash being left, sometimes by the bagload.  Indeed, one of the first assignments if/when we get the 'ok' to build the path on the north side, is to haul away the trash which has accummulated on the south side of the hill.

If anyone would like to get involved with the project, on any level and/or contribute to building/funding it, please contact me:  tinpothat % gmail