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       It may sound corny, but it rings true for Boomerang Park: Safety is our #1 Concern.

Shown at right is one of two dozen top-rope anchors at Boomerang.  Each one is strong enough to support a fully loaded pick-up truck, so they're plenty strong enough for the heaviest climber.

The anchor in the photo is comprised of a two foot length of 1/4 inch chain going in and encircling a stout mass of limestone rock (stronger than hardened concrete). The green U-bolt is half inch hardened steel, normally used to bolt a rear axel on to a truck.

The rope is top quality 11 mm imported from the USA, and goes directly around the U-bolt.

Photo at left shows an anchor holding double 6 mm safety cables for traverse climbing.  The tennis shoes are shown for scale. Though it looks like an odd angle, the photo is actually plumb, with up at the top, and the safety cables go on around a corner of the rock on the left.

There are two half inch steel rebar hammered in to a deep natural crack in the limestone. Those hold a round belt pulley holder, around which the two cables go.  There are added U-bolt connectors and another piece of re-bar for back-up safety.

They stretch 18 meters horizontally to another anchor, equally strong. The cables are also 20 meters from ground level, so a climber can traverse on his/her own at whatever height from ground he/she chooses.  In other words, depending on the length of the tether, the climber could traverse near the top of the crag (with a short tether), or lower down (with a long tether). 

The four traverse routes at Boomerang Adventure Park, are (as far as we know) the only outdoor traverse routes with fixed safety cables anywhere.  If you hear of some other place with similar, please let us know.

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Rock Climbing and Adventure Park
Chiang Rai, northernmost Thailand
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