Traverse Rock Climbing - Northern Thailand

BO OM ER AN G                         ไทย  Thai Language   

traverse climbing

        There are currently four developed routes at Boomerang Park - specifically for traverse climbing. Each has fixed horizontal safety cables - actually they're double 6 mm steel cables for each route, anchored strongly at each end. Climbers us a tether clipped from belt to cables, for safety. The tether can be adjusted for length, so the climber can traverse the limestone rock faces from any level height - high, medium, or low.

As far as we can tell, we're the only climbing park with fixed lines for traverse climbing. If you hear of others, let us know, thanks.

Bear with us, and we'll get more photos and videos posted on this page.



Boomerang will host Thailand's first ever So  la  fa ir   |/|/|/
Earth Day weekend, Friday, Sat. Sun, April 22, 23, 24 -
booth space available

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