directions:  go NW out of Chiang Rai, cross the Mae Kok river on the Mae Fa Luang Bridge.
Go 1.5 Km up from the bridge, and take a left at Soi 5 (west, toward Buddha caves).  We're 2 Km on the right, as the road curves left. map to park


B O O M E R A N G                    
Rock Climbing and Adventure Park
Chiang Rai, northernmost Thailand

volunteers needed


     As facilitator for all things Boomerang I, Ken Albertsen, promise that every penny or baht received will be spent directly on purchasing the following types of things:
>>>> bolts for climbing routes or nature trails.
>>>> epoxy for bolting, as well as safety gear for helpers
>>>> tools and materials for all projects which benefit the general community - particularly for fun outdoor activities which will be on offer for free.
>>>> tools and stipend for clearing and developing nature trails at nearby hill for free use by anyone. The two sites for trails are Lion Hill, and the hill which borders the north side of Boomerang Adventure Park. 

Can offer free lodging with solar hw shower, and kitchen facilities.

Possible use or motorbike of bicycle, depending on availability.

Lots of crags which have never been climbed before - could use some clearing of vines and weeds, etc. 

Also need some routes bolted. Can provide bolts, but need helpers to place them with drill and epoxy.

Northwest of the Thai tourist town of Chiang Rai, there are several limestone hills that seem to jut straight up out of the ground. They sit near, and were partly shaped by the nearby Mae Kok river which flows out of Burma - on to the Mekong River at the nearby confluence bordering Laos and Burma, one hour drive from here.

Two of those hills are being 'environmentally developed' for nature parks by the staff at Boomerang, along with volunteers.  One hill borders Boomerang Adventure Park. The other, Lion Hill, is a 5 minute bicycle ride away, and it borders the river.  Both have climbing crags. Some of the routes have been cleared of vines, yet there are many which are still vine covered and never been climbed - not by our species, anyway.  All the rock is limestone, varying from smooth to sharp.  The sharp parts are usually higher up and darker colored. 

When the Vikings first came to the northeast reaches of North America, centuries before Columbus, the called it Vineland. However, if they had ever seen central SE Asia, they could have called it Hypervineland, or something like that.  There are well over 250 types of vines growing all over the place. There are no plants here which are poisonous to touch, but there are some which have small stickers. Gloves and other tools are provided, as needed.  Additionally, top notch safety equipment is freely available for anyone who chooses to clear routes from precarious perches. 

Note: we have already devoted dozens of hours of free labor to clearing hundreds of meters of trails. However, a bit of donated revenue would help handsomely in the process of keeping it going.  Also, volunteers and paid staff already work to maintain the entrance and exit trails for the large cave (free to public!) at nearby Lion Hill.  We've also begun work on the 2.5 Km trail which circumvents the hill.  

These sorts of projects can't get done purely with volunteers. After all, it's rare to find anyone who will work hard for free. And rarer still, to find any company which will donate materials or tools for free.

two volunteers

one of many climbing crags

around a campfire

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